Famous brands of truck tyres

Getting the right tyres for your truck is important. Your need a product that will suit the use of your truck, the terrain you’ll be driving across, and, of course, your budget. A good place to start when thinking about new tyres is with some of the biggest names in the business.


Arguably the tyre company with the richest history, Goodyear tyres were used on Henry Ford’s first Model T, and the roving vehicles use don the first moon landing. Their range of products for trucks features a wide variety of treads to suit all manner of terrains.


One of the most prestigious tyre companies in the world, both for its consumer manufacturing and success in motor sport, Dunlop tyres are known for their quality and handling. With over 125 years of tyre manufacturing behind them, they are a market leader with a wide range of tyres suitable for all kinds of truck.


Bridgestone have one of the largest ranges of truck tyres available on the market. They cover everything from off-road utility vehicles to heavy-duty haulage trucks. Founded as a Japanese company back in the 19390s, Bridgestone is now a truly global company, bringing quality truck tyres to you, wherever you are.


Pirelli have been making tyres for over one hundred years, and all of their accumulated expertise goes into making some of the best tyres with regard to ‘feel for the road’ on the market. Indeed, they are the fifth largest tyre manufacturer in the world, and you don’t get to that position without turning out some quality products.


Specialising in heavy-duty vehicles, including everything from haulage trucks and forklifts to mining machinery, Techking is an industrial tyre manufacturer with a global reach. Despite having only been founded in 2005, the company now has a presence in 165 companies around the world.


The seventh largest tyre company in the world, Yokohama specialise in tyres for trucks at the lighter end of the scale, particularly vehicles that are intended to be used both on and off road. As such, their tyres are renowned for their cornering response, safety and traction.