Changing Tyres On The Car – What Equipment Is Needed

Changing a tyre can fill someone with dread and anxiety but it’s a relatively simple task that can be completed with a few choice items. For some, it may be easier to call in the experts but that will take time and valuable money so if you’re game, consider trying it yourself with the following necessities:

Spare Tyre

It goes without saying that to change a tyre, you’ll need a brand new one ready to attach. Keep this in the boot or on the back of the car and, again it’s pretty obvious, ensure the spare is not flat as well otherwise it negates the entire point.


There are a number of jacks to choose from but the overall point is that they’re able to ‘jack’ the car up to an acceptable level, holding it firmly in place whilst you replace the tyre. Using a jack is very important and it has to be used right as it’ll be keeping the car in place whilst you work so ensure it’s flat on the ground and that it’s positioned under the frame of the car in the right position, usually where the frame slots in slightly next to the tyre. It’s likely that your car’s manual will tell you exactly where the jack should be placed in this type of event.

Tyre Iron

The tyre iron, also known as the lug wrench, is used to loosen the nuts on the tyre. Essentially it’ll resemble a very large wrench with a socket hole big enough to pry out the lug nuts. The handle will be reasonably long allowing you to exert more force when bringing the tyres out and it should have a device on the other end which will aid you in prying off the hubcap if needed.


A tarp or mat is useful as you’ll be on your knees for a good part of this process and it’s highly unlikely you’ll be kneeling on a soft carpet and far more likely it’ll be cold, hard and wet ground. A tarp will keep your knees protected and can also be used to protect from the weather conditions.


Finally, wearing gloves is another safety precaution to keep your hands safe as well as keeping them clean. It’s dirty work, for obvious reasons, and gloves will give you extra strength to dig around the tyres and keep them safe from the sharp, jagged edges of the equipment you’re using, preventing any unnecessary injuries from occurring.