Must-Have Tools for a Car Mechanic When Changing Tires

Taking that dream road trip is every adventurous car owner’s dream. But, what does one do when faced with a flat tyre on the way, with the nearest garage miles away?

There is Stringo – car movers who make car moving easy, safe and trouble-free. For those more experienced with car repair and maintenance, it’s time to roll up those sleeves and just change it.

Though this sounds simple, correct tools for changing a flat tyre and proper know-how is required before attempting this arduous task, ensuring the safety of all passengers.


To get started, lift the side of the car where the tyre needs to be replaced. Jacks are used for this and come in different types, such as floor jacks and bumper jacks. The most common and compact type is the scissor jack, which uses a scissor-like mechanism to provide the push to lift. The bottle jack, though less compact, provides more power to lift the car and is relatively easier to operate.

Lug Wrench

The tyre is fastened to the wheel hub by lug nuts that are screwed to the wheel studs. These nuts have to be loosened before the tyre can be removed. A lug wrench has a socket on one end that matches the size of the nuts on the tyre. At the other end is a long handle with a pry bar. The longer the handle, more force exerted on the nut! The pry bar is used to pry apart the tyre from a rusty or dirt-covered rim.

Spare Tyre

The spare tyre itself can be of two types: a proper, full-sized tyre, or the ‘donut’ tyre. The full-sized tyre is, of course, the safest since it would have the optimum tyre pressure and would just need to be fixed. However, these take up a lot of boot space and may not be suitable for smaller cars. Fixing a maximum-size tyre can also be cumbersome. This is where the ‘donut’ tyre comes in! Donut tyres need lesser space for storage. However, they are low on safety and also limit speeds.

Tyre Pressure Gauge

A simple tyre pressure gauge is vital for checking pressure in the replaced tyre. This check helps the driver rest assured as the tyre pressure is optimum for safe driving and to adjust speed accordingly, at least till the nearest garage comes along.

Reflective Triangles or Road Flares

Tyre deflation can occur anywhere on deserted roads, or right in the middle of a busy road. No matter the place, road reflectors come handy when one wants to signal fellow drivers the ailing condition of the car. A little forethought can go a long way in saving unnecessary accidents.

Tyre Blocks

Changing tyres on a level surface is easy. But, if one encounters a flat tyre on a hillside or a steep incline, the car can tend to roll back, making things extremely difficult and dangerous. Tyre blocks come in handy to avoid disaster here.

Apart from these, several other items like a flashlight, hand gloves, floor mat can be very helpful if stored in the boot.